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How to Justify a war

How To Justify A War

How To Justify A War

When is War justified? To answer this question we need to critically analyze the nature and impact of the justifications provided for the cause of war. Further , we need to explore the primary sources to evaluate the justifications and also analyze the opposing viewpoints on the justness of war and reinforce the concepts of justification for war .The history of some of the religious wars fought in Europe and Middle East was really baffling. Both sides claimed that the war was fought in the name of religion and so it was just. That may be real, but things get really nasty when religion and politics get mixed in that . You can also find an economic reason behind most wars as well if you look hard enough, struggles for power camouflaged in the morality of the day with the justification being used to persuade people to fight for a cause. In older times things were simpler .It was a battle for survival, where tribes waged war against one another. But, were those wars just? what was the necessity to brutally wage war for survival? Or take the case of war between emperors. We can clearly see what the rulers got out of it, but what made the ordinary soldier fight? Plunder ,they did. but where was the necessity to wage war when there was no plunder to gain. How about the American civil war? Was that a just war or were there economic and political reasons behind it or was it a mixture of both. Both sides believed in the justice of their cause. Who was right? Were the protagonists manipulated? What is it that makes men stand up facing each other with arms and ammunition ready to kill or be killed?
A claim by the world leaders that they have exhausted every means available to settle the dispute and resort to war to settle the dispute is no justification of war. An acceptable justification of war is that the aggression of one nation upon another seriously threatening its survival, or, the attempt of a nation to destroy another nation through genocide or, an insensitive act recognized by all people as a crime against humanity itself calls for war as it is the only possible solution to the crime. The intentions of the warring parties must never be self-serving. Rather it should serve the cause of liberation from the act of aggression or the resolution of the selfish act carried out against humanity. It would be absolutely immoral for a nation to exploit any advantages it may obtain in a war.

In reality, there can be no theological justification for war. War can only be justified in terms of human necessity. War is either a product of defense, misunderstanding, or selfish quest of material or idealistic gains. In short it is a human mistake .We are gifted with intelligence and reasoning power which enables us to overcome differences. It is ridiculous to wage war in the name of God as he is the Greatest Leveler and is capable to render justice. We are not entitled to act as His/her agents.
No matter what its rationalization is, war causes loss of life and property. Think of the millions of innocent lives lost in conflicts in the course of human history, all claiming justification for one side or another. As history exemplifies, that many of these conflicts could have been avoided. Theological justification for war by any religion is irresponsible. No holy scripture supports action that actually encourages aggressive behavior and cause misery to mankind.
The preparation for war, also burdens a nation in terms of human resources that could otherwise be used to solve other injustices in humanity. The huge money spend on war and its preparation could be utilized to feed the starving population of the world. The money could also be chanelized to make possible advancements in technology, medicine, and learning . Arms have become a part and parcel in our economic system that it has become virtually impossible to remove it. It is accepted as a way of life . The units manufacturing them enjoy good profits and it acts as an incentive to actually encourage conflict. The gains in self interest are so overpowering that it sounds irresponsible to argue for justice for war in the name of religion, for such talks encourages individuals to justify their hostility by rationalizing the cause as is being done today.

To conclude, War can be justified only when the damage inflicted by the aggressor on the nation or community of nations is lasting, grave, and certain. All other means of putting an end to it must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective. There must be serious prospects of success, as also the use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated. The power as well as the precision of modern means of destruction depends to a great deal in evaluating this condition. War should be the last option to wipe out the evil elements from the society.Remember,the more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war. Justice and mercy are never served in violence, but only in peace that advances the totality of the human cause.

How To Justify A War


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