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Last week I got an email from a friend in Pakistan who is a columnist .She was very much worried about a possible clash or even an all out war in the region. Her email reveals macabre and misery of a war if it happens.
Afghanistan is once again the center of attention. Pakistan’s interference and the killing of 22 Pakistan troopers by NATO helicopters or similar incidents may lead to a bitter armed conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan or by NATO and Pakistan.
Let us assume that NATO is going to engage in a bitter war with Pakistan. There is a brighter side to this aspect as this will lead to an inevitable death of terrorism.. I hope a war between NATO and Pakistan will ensure the end of terrorism. As Terrorist den is in North frontiers of Pakistan, the mass annihilation and destruction of that region will end this menace for ever.
I hope China will never participate in such a war .It will only condemn the use of weapons and wait and watch the out come. China can never fight a war for Pakistan as they fear rise of terrorism in their own region, in case, their influence on Pakistan go out of their hands. More over China will never opt for a war with NATO as they are aware that it may soon lead to a global war soon.

If you go by the words of US Defense contractors and Spy alerts from Afghanistan and Pakistan and their records, it is a certain fact that there will be a clash between former allies. US has already made even minute preparation for a quick strike on Pakistan soil by which they aim to take mileage over Haqqani and other hostile groups and they hope to can pin down their enemies before annihilate them from their own haven.

The Paki response will be an alarming cry followed by a mass attack over Afghan border which will follow artillery strikes coupled with a mechanized infantry attack on US bases near the border. Of course there is a possibility of support strike with outdated Pakistan-F16 bombers as well. And JF17 Chinese made war planes will support them from a possible US counter punch in air.

Pakistan’s response can be considered as suicidal if US takes it seriously. It all depends on how things progress. If the strikes continue and the loss incurred on the US /NATO side is huge then definitely a tough course of action will be taken by the NATO to curb the offence.

Using B52 and B2 Bombers from Turkish air fields will be an option to attack advancing Pakistan infantry and to stall Artillery attacks. If Pakistan uses mechanized columns or tanks there will be no other options for NATO other than using Air Power.

An unstinting flow of Surface To Surface Super Sonic missiles like BRBM -Battlefield range ballistic missile (BRBM): Range less than 200 km – will destroy Pakistan’s air defense capacity followed by a blistering bombing which can annihilate 100,000 Paki solders in front line along with 1500 to 2000 Tanks and Armed carriers. This will certainly damage the back bone of Pakistani attack and in return will push them back to the wall where Pakistan Army will face Last Sacrament. ( Forget a possible deadly attack by Indian Armed Forces – such a situation is quite possible some time in future ).

Pakistan will have now to use their last weapons , their Nukes. I am not sure whether they will use them or not. If they opt for that they can use about 100 in numbers but each of them has very low yield – around 2 to 3 Kilo Tons. which will have 25% success in carrying out blasts ( Pakistan used 15 Fission War heads to carry out 4 Blasts while testing 1998) and 10% in dropping in proper targets –

Pak nukes will be set to fire in 3 days of war and hope they will be fired through Missiles and F16 Bombs. NATO has ability stop most of them using SA Patriot missiles PAC-3 and RIM 161 as they are enough for such an eventuality. PAC-3 Super AM can ever have double war head to give ultimate protections to 140,000 international troops in Afghanistan fighting a Taliban-led insurgency and remember 100,000 of them from the United States it self.

Their SAM can easily intercept hostile F16S followed by NATO F16, F35 Lightning II can handle any hostile attacks using AIM-7 Sparrow Air To Air missiles. They have very many beyond visual range missiles like AAM-4 , or AMRAAM capable of dealing hostile bombers beyond 100 miles away. Ultra longest-range missiles like the Hughes- AIM-54 Phoenix missile and Vympel R-33 ( AA-9 ‘Amos’) can down a F16 Bomber 300 KM away. Damn Pakistan Bombs will fall in Pakistan soil itself.
The greatest effect of such a Pakistan nuclear attack is yet to come. The outcome may force NATO to use their Nuclear capacity to deal Pakistan. US will fire dealt S2S super sonic Nuclear missiles to 22 Air/ Army And NAVY bases of Pakistan Armed forces. Each of their war heads can carry 10 to 15 Mega Ton TNT warheads . This will be followed by deadly Nuclear Bombing campaign using B52 s which will have 5 to 20 Mega Ton TNT Thermo Fusion Nuclear bombs. to Armed units. Even though the actual aim is to destroy defense capacities of Pakistan armed forces the destruction will often spread more than what is required.

I guess that the death toll will be about 20 to 25 Million people in Pakistan while 1 million in Afghanistan. The nuclear storm will encroach to India, Iran and neighboring countries as well and will kill another 5 million there where US and NATO has a chances to lose 50 to 75 K soldiers in such an eventuality.

The Bright Side of such a war between NATO and Pakistan- Even though no one likes such a war which may take more than 30 million lives, there is a bright side of the war as well. Since world terrorist HQ is in Pakistan, such a war can eliminate and end the terrorism from this world.. The North Frontier Province will be destroyed in Pakistan and a mass destruction of human lives will lead to the end of the curse. War is not acceptable in any terms but the destruction it may cause can benefit in this manner. If war is inevitable then the death of terrorism will be an acceptable compensation and a pavement for a better and brighter future.



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