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PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS PLANS – AN ASSUMPTION – 13 POINTS  NEW ERA IN US  STARTED WITH Trump IN POWER.. HERE IS WHAT WE CAN EXPECT FROM HIM. PLANS AND PROCEDURES.  So President Trump is  in charge  and  the USA is going through a very different path right now. What will be  the new President’s plans […]

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Iran Starts To Attack ISIS - New Equations in Middle east

IRAN Finally attacked ISIS
This is a new Equation in
Middle East Politics

------------------------------------------------------------ HIV is losing its ability to Cause AIDS in Human - It is No More A Threat

HIV No more a Threat - It is
Losing its ability to developed AIDS..

HIV becoming Curable now


Tremendous Success For Apple- Latest 4 Inch iphone can make big difference

 Apple's Latest 
    4 Inch iphone
Is This The World Beater?


Lumas Stunts the world with Latest Optical Gadgets  - Really Matchless

Lumas stunts world..

 World best  Optical Gadgets

--------------------------------------------------------- Google Glass And Alternatives

Alternatives to Google glass-
We have more choices.

  Here is the report

--------------------------------------------------------- Is Jolla's Open Source Tablets Most Popular

Jolla's latest Open Source TABLET-
Most popular Tablets in market

--------------------------------------------------------- NotCompatible Mobile Malware And Android Devices  Security researchers had  warned much earlier that it was just a matter of time before smart phones were hit by  nasty digital viruses like malicious software and spam  .Alas it has finally happened. The techno magazines around the Globe indicate s the a particularly   nasty  malware  that mostly attack Android  operating systems in Android devices is  a serious concern to every one. They generally enter the devices through unreliable applications that are  downloaded by many users. It is estimated that this mobile malware,called NotCompatible  has  sophisticated versions and hit around 4 to 4.5 million users since 2013 . The aim of such a mobile malware is to infect as many smartphones as possible and use these devices for further malicious purposes. Researcher's further says that the authors of the malicious malware, Not Compatible are renting out control of infected mobile devices to people who have used them to simply send out more spam or buy up event tickets online in bulk . It is also used  to try to crack WordPress accounts.  Interestingly, the malware, is in its third iteration,  and allows infected devices to search for and communicate with other infected machines and share intelligence. It has raised the bar for mobile malware sophistication and  operational complexity. The ability to encrypt communications between the command and control center of the infected devices  makes it more difficult to detect and decode.  NotCompatible Mobile Malware And Android Devices                   This our subject for this discussion   That's not all. The activity of this malicious malware can prove to be costly in the sense it not only adds to the data charges, but also drains the battery at tremendous speed  As with most malware discoveries, Lookout, the company sounding the alarm, has a stake in raising concerns about the security of mobile devices. Its mobile security application, which is available for both Apple’s iOS and Android-powered smartphones, is able to identify the NotCompatible malware and keep it from infecting Android devices that have downloaded the Lookout app.  NotCompatible Mobile Malware And Android Devices - The significance of this information is so high- Why ?    Criminals infect smartphones primarily by infecting legitimate websites with malicious code. When victims visit the site from their mobile phone, they inadvertently download the code, in what is known as a “drive-by download.”   This is  worse  than the old Version.. said  Philip Whiner- who had an early attack on his mobile device with same kind of virus. The mobile magazines use to write  about the The malware, called "NotCompatible C," that  focuses on Android devices.What do you think... an attack.... well it may cripple you too..  But certainly I do not want that to happen The C version of this deadly mobile NotCompatible malware, which first appeared in 2012, is  far worst and really  much indestructible, Lookout Security reported. They told that , this can compromise corporate networks.  "Given this is an Android Trojan and the app is not trusted by Google, it would need the 'Unknown Sources' special permissions  to install," Armando Orozco, a senior malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes, told LinuxInsider. "So users just have to not install apps from untrusted sources."  NotCompatible Mobile Malware And Android Devices                   Is it so lethal ?  Actually what kind of problems  NotCompatible C  will bring in.   This  Trojan is used will send  severe spams  on Yahoo, Comcast, AOL  etc about for bulk ticket purchases on Ticketmaster, etc and also for for brute force attacks against WordPress; If the attacker logs into OS shells and performs various actions. He can even control call data and SMS data as well.   NotCompatible C has a two-tiered server architecture   "The gateway command and control (C2) server uses load balancing  it filters and segments infected devices from different IP address regions geographically. Only authenticated clients are allowed to connect to the server. That provides network efficiency and makes it difficult for behavioral analysis systems and researchers to pick up on traffic." The experts said   Once the device is infected it will automatically download many more from internet which will bring in  more  serious problems .    Clients can connect with each other and share intelligence, forming a peer-to-peer network. If the C2 server to which a device initially connects is taken down, it can find new C2s through its links to its peers.  More over the  NotCompatible C traffic appears as binary data streams, indistinguishable from legitimate encrypted traffic such as SSL, SSH or VPN. Well this is not our look out...   How NotCompatible Spreads  NotCompatible C users rely on Spams... mainly when victim downloads.. malware will be installed in the device.  The operators apparently have made bulk purchases of compromised accounts and websites -- Lookout has observed spam campaigns tied to specific groups of compromised accounts.  Once an infected mobile device is brought into an organization, attackers can use NotCompatible C's proxy feature to scan the network for vulnerable hosts or to exploit vulnerabilities and search for exposed data- , Lookout suggested.   "Any P2P C2 infrastructure that also uses encryption is difficult to detect at the network level," Oliver Tavakoli  said of this      Preventing NotCompatible C Infections  Yes we can  prevent NotCompatible C from attacking the enterprise, Patrick Murray and  many experts says the same.  Install a special product -  Zimperium, which always  protects against spearphishing  and other attacks based on  browser which will usually look the  behavior of the device before install itself.  Or why can't we use a  excellent  URL-filtering solution that detects known C2 devices used by botnets  and can easily blacklist them.  But easiest of all is as per the suggestion of  Orozco who suggested  " Do not download every thing you see especially untrusted and  unwanted apps with spam links."   Tag- posted under tag     NotCompatible Mobile Malware And Android Devices

NotCompatible Mobile Malware

 It can spy on your android device

--------------------------------------------------------- http://www.infonf.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/peeblesteel1.jpg

Peeble Steel. Finest Smart
          Watch Ever ?

--------------------------------------------------------- IS ISIS A CREATION OF AMERICA
Is ISIS is a creation of USA.
Proofs says YES...
---------------------------------------------------------- Self-driving Autonomous cars- Technology of Tomorrow

Self driving cars- Future
Just replace drivers
 New revolution on road.

------------------------------------------------------------ SPUD Sound Pick Replacing Stethoscope

Stethoscopes... adieu

A new technology is popping.. to
Replace Medical Stethoscopes
 Revolution of future

------------------------------------------------------------ How Russia Will Counter Anti Ballistic Missile Defense By NATO

Russia may use latest own technologies
combined with a little sense to counter the 
- This may lead to WW3-
More details- Read More-

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